How To Become a Freelancer in Fiverr

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Hello everyone, welcome to my new post on how to become a Fiverr freelancer, where I teach various ways to make money online working from home. And with all my experience, I try to be as honest as possible.I don’t believe in promoting get-rich-quick tricks because it’s a lie. It’s all counterfeit. But I believe you can make money online because I have been making money online and earning money online for over five years. And I believe that the best way to make money online is to advertise your services. as a freelancer, I talk a lot about transcript websites, and data entry is a small task. And that’s okay if you want to make less money. But at the end of the day, if you want to pay off your debts, you need to think hard, and you need to improve your skills.

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How To Create Fiverr Freelancer Account

So you can market your skills as a freelancer to these different freelancing websites. And one of these websites is Fiverr. So today, I’m going to teach you how to start setting up your account to create your profile and build your first gig and how to do keyword research and research your competitors to see what kind of gigs you can offer. And you can sell to make money online

So let’s start with Fiverr and then a little bit with Fiverr. Basically, you create and donate gigs, sell your services, you can offer hundreds of different types of services in the following categories, writing and writing, writing, translation, digital marketing, clear web design, this is just tens and tens, hundreds of different types of categories and services, whether you are an artist and you want to teach someone to sing, the list goes on and on. And I’ll show you some examples later. Okay, so Fiverr payments are international, you can create an account and sell your services from anywhere in the world.

Fiverr Pay In Paypal

Now how do you get paid via PayPal or with a fiber revenue card and this is supported by Payoneer and powered by MasterCard. So if you come from a country where you can’t use PayPal, then I’m sure you can use Payoneer. So you have two options. Also, there is a bank transfer or direct deposit if you are a US citizen. So first of all, we will go to the first step.

The first step is to sign up with an email address and then follow the steps to complete your profile and verify your account. And we will register together. So let’s get started. Okay, so the first thing you will do is go to And then we’ll click on the seller. If you look down, you can see that it is joining our growing independent community. You can choose to be a designer, a good worker, a writer.

I am a video editor. I’m an artist, a voiceover artist. I am a communications marketer, but you can change your mind over time, this is not important. I just clicked here to become a salesperson. Now you can join Fiverr and enter your email address, you can join Facebook, Google, Apple, or just enter any email you want to include. After that, we will press Continue. Now it will ask you to choose a username and choose your password and click join. Here they will enable you to test the CAPTCHA. So you have to choose every chimney.

Set Up Fiverr Account

Okay, so now it will mean that you need to open your account. So go to the email you signed up for and activate your account. Okay, so now that you’ve opened your account, by clicking on the activationlink in your email, you should keep going back to And again, we’re going to press you to be a seller. It has brought us the fact that we are ready to start selling on Fiverr. Here is the decline. Learn what makes a successful profile create your reseller profile, publish your gig. So you can watch this little video of this man again and selling on Fiverr. And I’ll click Continue. Here they say what makes Fiverr’s profile so effective. Take your time and create your profile to be just as you want it to be.

Key Points To Remember In Fiverr

Add credibility by linking to your relevant technology. accurately describe your technical skills to help you get more work. put a face on your name, upload a profile picture that clearly shows your face. To keep our community safe for everyone, we may ask you to verify your ID so we can click Continue. Now let’s talk about the things you want to do to make your success at Fiverr important to us. Avoid the following to comply with our social standards. So do not provide misleading or inaccurate information about your identity. Do not associate accounts. Remember, you can always create multiple gigs so you have to have one account with Fiverr. Do not force other members of the public to work for Fiverr and Don’t request to take over communications and pay off Fiverr.

So this is one of the strings, probably the most important rule that you can’t arrange to have a gig with someone and pay you without Fiverr. Because it is clear that Fiverr wants to take a 20% commission because it has helped you connect with a client. So you can’t do that even if your account is blocked. Now we will press Continue. So here you will fill in your personal details. We’ll click on this to insert a profile picture. And here, you can fill in your description. So say share a little about your less experienced, the cool projects you have completed, and your knowledge base.

Language Options

So let’s say I create this because I want to give my design skills for example. Okay, so this is just an example, you have up to 600 characters to fill in. Now under languages, you will choose which languages ​​to communicate with your level of proficiency. So here they have English, they automatically set it as the basis, obviously, form, my English is two indigenous languages. So click update, now that I know I speak Spanish too, so I’ll type the Spanish technical level well, and you can add as many languages ​​as you can.

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