How to Find YouTube Keywords That Are PROVEN to Work?

There are two approaches to selecting topics for YouTube.

1. Make a guess and hope for the best >> It is not advised

2.Do what is already being done PROVEN ON YOUTUBE TO WORK >> Recommended.

YouTube demonstrates what is already working. You are not required to make an educated guess. There are a few good strategies for doing this, but here is one of them. This is especially useful if you are new to YouTube and haven’t yet published many videos.

Step 1: Identify 8-10 channels in your niche.

You can find them in a variety of ways, but the simplest is to simply search a few keywords in your niche and look at the results.

Step 2: Consider the following.

A.Overall, the most viewed videos.

B.Recently Published Videos With The Most Views.

Overall, The Most Viewed Videos

Allow me to give you two quick examples. Assume your niche is “stay healthy“, and each of the five other channels has the most viewed video with a title like “stay healthy at home”. This indicates that it could be a good keyword and that a lot of people are interested in that topic. Let’s say your niche is “affiliate marketing“, and all five of your niche’s channels have a popular video with the title “Amazon affiliate marketing.” It’s a popular search term.

However, there are a few things you should be aware of if you use this strategy. If another channel has a video with the title “stay healthy at home” with a lot of views, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good keyword right now.

That channel may have received views as well.

1) Using advertisements

2) By heavily publicizing that video

3) Years or months ago, and now that keyword is no longer popular

Or his audience is particularly interested in that subject.

As a result, I usually opt for the following strategy.

Recently Published Videos With The Most Views.

Assume a YouTube channel in your industry has published 25 videos in the last two months. On average, their videos receive 2,000 views, but one of them has received over 35,000 views. This immediately indicates that there may be a higher demand for this video topic. If you notice that other channels in your niche are getting more views than average with that keyword, it is a good topic for your new video.
Let me give you a quick example from YouTube. Many channels in the same niche use the keyword like “Email Marketing” in their videos, which they found interesting. Including the word “Email Marketing” in a video often results in more views than other videos.

By searching for the most viewed videos on other channels in your niche, you’ll get an instant list of keywords that are popular in your niche. You’ll see what people are looking for on YouTube.Assume you want to be ranked in YouTube searches and get views there.

How do you know if your keyword will rank on YouTube and receive a large number of views?

Step 1: Search for it on YouTube.
Step 2: Conduct a quick analysis of the top rankings.

Indicators, that your video WILL GET A LOT OF VIEWS FROM SEARCH.

1.The top-ranking videos for that keyword have a TON of views.

2.Top-ranked videos are published by channels with a small number of subscribers.

3.The top-ranked videos aren’t focusing on that specific keyword.

There are three signs that your video will not receive many views from SEARCH:

1.The top-ranking videos for that keyword have EXTREMELY FEW Views

2.Top-ranked videos are posted by channels with a LARGE number of subscribers.

3.Top-ranking videos are also focusing on that specific keyword.

to put it another way,

YouTube SEARCH works best when there are a lot of views and no competition.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t target competitive keywords. In fact, if you want to get views from SUGGESTED videos, targeting the most competitive keyword can be a great idea. For example, “Touropia” appears to be a highly popular topic and thus a good topic for a YouTube video/channel.

The most important criterion is that your keyword is gaining popularity on YouTube. If only a small number of people are watching videos about that subject, it may not be worthwhile to target that keyword.

Of course, your topic does not have to be as well-known as “Touropia.” That’s just one example of a very popular topic.

It is now your turn!

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