How to Get Traffic from Quora: 8 Secret Tips

In this important article, I will explain in detail how to get traffic from Quora to your website, I have 8 tips to share.

Why Quora?
Quora is the number 1 question and answer website online, can say one of the top visitor’s websites.

Quora is a Q&A platform for people to ask questions that other Internet users can answer. Answers are followed and/or sorted, using facts or opinions.

Not only is it a popular question-and-answer community, but it is also one of the top online sites in the world. It has about 1 Billion views per month!

This makes it a great place to start the process of making the area famous and improve standards and roads.

How Can You Get Traffic From Quora?

Now that we have a glimpse of what Quora is and its significance, it is time to dig deeper. How do we get traffic? It’s very simple. Just answer what people ask. For your responses, place links on your website or on any link you want to drive to.

All you have to do is answer the questions that give people real value. By doing so, people are more likely to go to your website and look at what other value you can offer them. This is easy. believe me, you will start getting a lot of traffic.

Tips on how to get traffic from Quora!

Tip 1: Ask for Research

What do we mean by this?
Yes, if my niche is about affiliate marketing, I will not go to Quora to answer questions about cooking.
All you have to do is look for good questions where you can give people the amount you want, and then drive them to your website.

Let’s take a relevant marketing niche for example. What we do is go to Quora, and then type in the search bar, “affiliate marketing”. You see, there are a lot of questions about affiliate marketing, with a very high number of followers. Fans are people who are interested in this question, so they are more likely to see your answer when they participate in Quora.

You should take the time to answer the most frequently asked questions.
But that doesn’t mean you have to leave new questions.
All you would like to try to do is give them an outlet and therefore the support they have to stay going. Balance is the key (this is what my dietitian always tells me when I tell him I have eaten the perfect Pizza).

Tip 2: Create Response Templates

You may notice the related questions on the right when answering the question in Quora. These are all the same questions you can give almost the same answer.
So, instead of going to each question and starting to type your answer and add pictures and links, just make a template and give it the same questions. Make sure you change a little bit of the answer when you add it. But the idea is simple.

This will make it easier for you to answer any questions in a short amount of time.

Tip 3: SEO questions

Well, you know about SEO, which is search engine optimization. If you don’t, check out one of my articles on SEO for Beginners.

Now back to the point, you will ask me, how do Google’s rankings relate to queries in Quora? You are right!
The trick here is to search for quality questions on Google. These queries may receive live searches from Google and not just from people involved in Quora.

Let’s try this simple example. Open google and type this: Which payment method uses Quora? As you can see, the top result on Google is Quora queries. This question should get a lot of traffic, so it is very helpful to put the answer in it for people to see.

Tip 4: Answer Format

The first thing you need to do is turn the hookup. No, we are not fishing here! What I am saying is that you need to add something that attracts attention so that people look at your response. Look at this answer.
You see, the first thing added to the picture. This will draw the reader’s attention so they will be linked to your answer and continue reading it.

The text-to-speech response is blunt, unattractive.
You can create similar images using Canva which is an excellent tool for creating similar images.
Not only do you capture your reader’s attention, but your answer should be well written and grammatically correct. This way you will feel more professional and reliable. Use Grammarly to help you correct any typo or grammar errors you add to your answer. It’s free, give it a try.

Tip 5: Adding Links

When we talk about how you can get traffic from Quora, we will definitely talk about adding links to your responses. After all, we want to add links to feedback so people can click and go to our website.
But this is not so simple.

If you sign up for Quora and start posting links to every response you send to Quora, they will block you directly. This will show that you are spam and are giving value to the website.

All you have to do is build your reputation before you start adding links. This is a great way to drive traffic from Quora. For the first week of your subscription, try answering questions without adding links. After the next week, try to include a link to all 5 questions you answered. This way you will be known as being truly responsive and giving people value. Keep expanding this strategy gradually until you reach a point where you add a link to each response you make without restriction.

One more thing, don’t do it, I repeat, you CANNOT add relevant links directly to Quora. You will be banned directly. You should create a landing page or refer people to your website and not to any related link.

Tip 6: BIO

The key here is to make your profile look competent.

Always include your profile picture!

Type a small BIO for you and your job. This way you will prove yourself more professional and trustworthy to others when they look at your profile.

Being an expert will make people follow you and wait for your answers.

Tip 7: Quora spaces

In Quora, we have something called spaces. Think of a Facebook page or a Facebook group, but in Quora.

Create your own Quora space, or try to find it as a contributor to it.

Why does this help? Just as a Facebook page has followers, so does Quora’s space.

If you post your article within a space, everyone who follows this post may see it and receive notification about it. This is very helpful.

We also have space in Quora, go follow us now for more important tips.

Tip 8: Statement Analysis

Lastly, regularly analyze your statistics.

What you can do is go into your stats, and see which answers get the most views and the most votes, and then try to search for the same questions and answer them. This will help you to know what hot topics people are watching.

Not only that, you can go to the most viewed answers, and see what’s special about it and read the comments. This way you’ll better customize the response templates you’ve made. Make sure you follow these tips and tricks and you can start to see your site traffic increase faster.

I will be waiting for your comment on any additional ideas or tricks you want to let me know.

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