The Real Reason Your Facebook Ads Are Not Converting

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In this article we will discuss about the real reason why the Facebook ads are not converting in to sales

facebook ads not converting


Facebook ads are still easily one of the most effective forms of digital marketing available today. But they also come with their share of headaches and pains and frustrations. especially once you sink your hard-earned time and money and energy into creating what you think is that the perfect Facebook ad, only to observe it fall through on its face. Annoying. That’s why in this article, we’re talking all about the real reason your Facebook ads aren’t converting. And I’m supplying you with my best advice on the way to fix it once and for all.

All right, as great as Facebook is, I also fully know it is often can be equal parts annoying. Especially if you’ve got a campaign that just won’t convert. Maybe you’re getting impressions but no clicks. Or maybe you’re getting clicks, but they are not sticking around enough to ascertain your page load. Or maybe you’re getting all that and therefore the page is loading just fine, but they’re not sticking around long enough to truly convert. Well, I can confidently say that there’s one quality that all the winning ads seem to have that the losing ones did not.

Now before we get into the real reason that your Facebook ads aren’t converting, first we need to cover a few potential causes or at least influencing factors that could be contributing to your lack of conversions. First off, it’s likely not your image. Now the image is important, and in fact, a really good image. So if your ad is suffering from say really low click-through rates, well then the image is gonna be a great place to start. But it’s not necessarily the key factor in conversions. It’s also unlikely to be the placements that you’ve got chosen. Whether you’ve chosen all placements and you’re letting Facebook optimize across all of its different available options, or you’ve decided to focus on just the newsfeed or just Instagram, these are influencing factors, but are unlikely to be make-or-break deals when it involves increasing conversions.

All right, now that we’ve identified two factors that it probably isn’t, let’s mention a few more that potential might be. The first of which is your targeting. After all, if let’s say you’re advertising dog toys and you’re putting these in front of cat lovers, well, you’re obviously not gonna get a lot of traction. The key here is to make sure that your targeting is really on point, and that you’re dialing in exactly who you’re trying to reach. Fortunately, Facebook gives you only incredibly sophisticated targeting options, so there’s really no excuse here for not dialing in on exactly who your ideal target market is.

Second Factor

The next factor is could potentially be is your budget. After all, let’s say you’re going for webinar leads and you’re hoping to get them for $10, or appointment leads and you’re hoping to get them for $20, and you’ve set a daily budget of $5, well, you’re unlikely to urge tons of conversions that day, right? It’s just simple math. So a key fix here is basically just upping the budget. All right, now that we’ve got all those covered, let’s talk about the real reason your Facebook ads probably aren’t converting. The single biggest reason that I see, and I’ve seen for years across why Facebook ads just aren’t converting is the offer. In other words, the failing Facebook ad is making a suggestion that no one wants. Now listen closely because this part’s important. This does not mean that nobody wants your business, or your product, or your service. It just means that the way it is being communicated in the ad is making it less desirable than the needed Offer Desirability Quotient, in order to get them to take action.

Basically, the offer you’re making isn’t worth the effort required to get them to take action. I know this sounds overly simplistic, but far, far more often than not, I’ve gotten the best results not by changing the image, or the budget, or the targeting or the placements, but simply by reworking the offer in order to make it more interesting, more appealing, and more desirable to the target market. So here’s how to fix this. The very initiative in tweaking your offer for max conversion is to dive deep into the psyche of your ideal customer or client. First off, what are their pains, their fears, and their frustrations? We call these miseries, and they are an excellent great start line so as to spot, and really help move your ideal customer far away from these nightmares.

Next, layout their wants, their needs, their dreams, and their desires. These are called their miracles, and that we move them closer to here, and essentially lay out a path to assist get them there. This leads us perfectly into the next step to bridge the gap, and essentially to lay out how your product, your service, your business helps them get from where they are, to really where they wanna be, in an as simple and straightforward way as possible. Make the pain of where they are real, and the benefits of where they could be, both tangible and emotional, and you’ll be well on your way.

The final step is to not stop at only one offer, but rather to approach their problems and your unique solution from a spread of various angles and with different hooks and messages. Even the simplest within the business, well, we do not always know which angle, which hook, and which message is gonna knock it out of the park, right off the bat. That was like two baseball analogies in one. That’s why we’re always testing, creating new offers, and putting them in front of our target markets in order to find out which ones are gonna resonate, and which ones are gonna convert. If you put all these steps into play and focus on coming up with a more irresistible offer, your Facebook ads conversions will have nowhere to go but up.

All right, so thanks so much for that reading. I hope you enjoyed the article. If so, make sure to read all other related articles. and say hello in the comments section below. Also, for more great content like this, make sure to head over to, which is packed full of resources, more tips, and tricks to really help grow your business and marketing to the next level, and way beyond that. So thanks so much for reading, and I’ll catch ya next time.

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