Two Best Facebook Ad Sales Funnel Formulas


In today’s article, I want to break down the two best Facebook ad sales funnel formulas. That you can actually leverage in your business and make money right now, If you don’t have these funnels set the right way. I see a lot of people trying to go through and run Facebook ads incorrectly.

You’re gonna spend a lot of money and waste that money and you’re never gonna see any of that investment in your space book ads Come back to you and your business. So if you’re going after followers page likes you’re trying to get likes or comments on your Facebook posts. That is a guaranteed way to lose a lot of money.

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Offline Sales

So the first one is for offline sales. so this is if you want to go through and get someone on a phone call. let’s say you if you’re selling real estate or some high ticket items, so you need to actually talk with that person on the phone. the way this one works and This one is perfect. If you are a real estate agent, you’re selling something high-ticket Really whatever it is is we’re gonna run a Facebook app, and then from here we are gonna send them to a Landing page. for those guys who are unfamiliar with the landing page, is a simple page that the whole idea is just to grab someone’s contact information, their name their phone number, and their email address.

So at that point, we have a lead So even if they don’t take action beyond this, we can actually follow up with emails, We can follow up with a phone call, a text message and we have a number of ways to get in touch with that person. then from here what we’re doing is sent them to a page where we might have a video and or might have them scheduled an appointment with us or action of an actual phone call. so the reason why we don’t want to send them directly from the Facebook ad to here is That we haven’t really built a lot of rapport. so the best to have this little simple squeeze landing page to grab their contact information because of a Majority of the leads.

Facebook Ads is all a numbers game. But a majority of the leads are not going to actually take action right away And so that’s where we grab this contact info and so we can then follow up with emails. maybe like let’s say 30 days or 60 days or whatever it is And then we have the video that’s able to build rapport with those leads are initially coming in. and then if once we built the rapport We have them actually booked and schedule a phone call with us. so then by the time, we’re actually getting them on the phone with us like it’s not like We really have to build a ton of rapport.

They’ve already kind of got an idea of why they’re getting on the call What the call is all about and then you can go through and sell them whatever program you’ve got You can go you know show them a home if you’re a realtor. And so this is this is the offline Facebook ad funnel formula that you want to have the Facebook ad Going to the landing page and going in and having them actually booked and schedule an appointment with you Okay, never run the ads just to go through and get page likes or get followers You’re gonna waste money 100% of the time.

so if your product that you’re selling is three thousand dollars or more this Is the exact funnel. that I would go with because usually if you’re above three thousand dollars Someone’s gonna want to talk with somebody on the phone before they actually go through the purchase.

Create Facebook Ad Funnel

 I’m gonna cover the second Facebook ad funnel formula, this is great. This is a great sales funnel And What we’re gonna do is have a Facebook ad, We’re sending it to a landing page. Now what we’re doing here after the landing page we are going to go through and take them to what is called a webinar. the webinar is basically a Long-form sales video. Usually, it’s about an hour to two hours could be even three hours, could be live Or it could be automated. this is very similar to the first one, It’s just the whole like sales follow-up technique. little bit slightly different so we still want the Facebook ad we still want the landing page. because once again we want to wait to actually follow up with that person if they don’t take action or if they don’t watch this live training or the automated version. so we’re able to build a little bit more rapport.

Whereas in the previous funnel That video is probably gonna be about 10 to 15 minutes because then we’re gonna build the rest of the rapport. and Actually do the sales actual on the phone call. Whereas this is gonna be more longer. We’re giving value and we’re doing the sales. We’re doing everything right here on this training, So instead of having them have to go through and talk with the sales rep, You can eliminate that completely. let’s say a hundred leads or if you generate a thousand leads or 10,000 leads they’re all attending the same exact training. and if you’re doing them alive like every single week, It doesn’t matter If you have a hundred people on or a thousand people on or 5,000 doesn’t matter how many people it just takes that one person, okay, you don’t need a ton of sales reps.

do is I would do these trainings live for months I’ve actually done mine live for over two and a half years and I still do them live I actually just got finished doing one live and the reason why is because you’re able to really connect with your audience And you’re able to go through and really find out what their questions are Where they’re struggling and be able to help them immediately there and also may increase your overall sales Which honestly guys I say this all the time? Like if you’re not willing to work for 90 minutes a week you really you know Like you want to get the people on this, you know have the 90 minute presentation You’re gonna make some good money. If you’re not willing to do that, then, you know, you should probably figure something else out So anyway, this is about a five hundred to two thousand dollars ticket item And I’ve used this exact funnel right here to go through I made multiple millions of dollars using this exact strategy, right?


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